Ophthalmic Blepharitis- : A Short Note

  • Vinod Singh
  • Rizwan Ahmad
  • Mamta Farswan Singh
Keywords: blepharitis, eye crusts, inflammation, eye redness.


Blepharitis is a non-specific term to describe an array of inflammatory conditions involving the
eyelid margin, and it is often overlooked. This may be attributed to its complex and
multifactorial nature, the lack of an uncomplicated and formal definition. In Blepharitis, there
is formation of scars, scales or greasy stakes at hair follicles of eyelids. Blepharitis affects the
lid margins, the lash follicles, or the openings of the meibomian glands, can occur as either an
acute or a chronic condition. It can affect vision by disrupting the surface of the cornea and the
bulbar conjunctiva and may influence tear film composition. Despite of the high extreme of
this disease, it has been poorly understood clinical entity and considered as a challenge for
pharmaceutical scientists.