Anxiety-A Treatment by Herbal Approach: A Review

  • Shradha Bisht
  • Madhu Suneja
  • Mamta F Singh
  • SP Rathore
Keywords: Anxiety, Models, Essential oils, Plants.


Anxiety is a state of excessive fear and apprehension regarding the occurrence of even normal things
in life. It is characterized by motor tension, sympathetic hyperactivity, and apprehension and
vigilance syndromes. Anxiety may interfere with intelligence, psychomotor function and memory.
Anxiety disorder may develop from a complex set of risk factors including genetic predisposition,
brain chemistry, stress and sudden life changes. The principle brain region implicated in the
processing of fearful material is the amygdale (fear centre), which coordinates the automatic threat
response; integrating information from sensory pathways via cortical and sub-cortical inputs. The
pathophysiology of anxiety disorders is not well fully understood. Animal studies have demonstrated
the existence of a "fear network" involving the amygdala and its interactions with the hippocampus
and the medial prefrontal cortex, thought to be important in generating conditioned fear responses.