Film Formers Gels (FIFOGE): A Novel Approach

  • Vinod Singh
  • Gauree Kukreti
  • Mamta Farswan Singh
Keywords: Film Formers, Gels, Arthritis.


Gels are most commonly used topical preparations used for the treatment of various disease.
Gels proved a replacement of those formulations which seems to be uncomfortable by another
route such as oral route, which may lead to peptic ulcers in excessive usage of NSAIDS.
Transdermal patch or films may be used as a alternate of oral route for using NSAIDS. In case
of Rheumatoid arthritis, Treatment is carried out by regular usage of NSAIDS. Application of
gels is easily wiped off due to clothes on joints and films may provide dryness and irritation
after prolonged usage due to adhesive in it. Thus, there is a need to develop novel drug delivery
systems for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, which is available in gel form but when
applied on skin surface transform into film. These film forming gels (FIFOGE) are novel
approach helpful in providing sustained release.